historical family research

next to inheritance investigations we specialise in carrying out research on family history.

genealogical research consists primarily in the quest of finding proof which demonstrates that a person is related to another. depending on a researcher's interest various puzzle pieces put together may form a picture of the history of an entire family. in this way a great variety of images may be constructed. if you would like to learn more about such possibilities, please read the following section and the information provided.

our office is known to have solved genealogical puzzles where other researchers had given up the hope of fining answers.

we offer the following types of research:

  • comprehensive research on all kinds of family history.
  • specific research and/or advice on problems when a researcher is unable to find documents or other kinds of data. we give support and offer advice which enables you to carry on with your project.
  • analysis of genealogical problems: you are enabled to carry on with your research project.
  • genealogical reports for courts or legal cases.
  • genealogical research in support of carrying out family constellations or similar projects. this reseach may be conducted before or after undertaking family constellations. manuel aicher is a qualified practitioner of this method and therefore particularly suitable to aid with complementary genealogical research.

in addition to a fundamental know-how the nature of genealogical research requires a certain regional specialization. within this geographical area of expertise we are especially familiar with local particularities, sources and know the various archives and their procedures. regular work in archives saves our customers travel expenses and time. despite this regional focus, we also carry out research in more distant regions or countries as we can rely on the services of a wide net of correspondents whose efforts are of an excellent standard. thus we are in a position to integrate research that reaches beyond our core area of expertise while keeping the clients expenses low.