manuel aicher

was born in the city of ulm in south germany and first began genealogical reseach at the age of 14. following his studies of law in freiburg and at the freien universität berlin he offered his professional services for conducting genealogical research. this was soon complemented by projects dealing with inheritance investigations. he also studied sociology and political science.

after moving to switzerland in 1985 he maintained his office in berlin and continued to work on projects relating to the formerly german and prussian territories as he was well acquainted with the sources for these regions, many of which were stored in berlin.

he married and founded a family in zurich and now lives near by.

he founded büro aicher and is its sole owner.

manuel aicher did not restrict his professional efforts to genealogical research and inheritance investigations. he took great interest in propagating genealogy as a historical tool to the general public. manuel aicher advocated to ground all research on scientific methodology. to this end he published and co-edited numerous publications on research and teaching. he also became an active member of various genealogical associations taking on various positions and responsibilities.