prussia, the kingdom and its provinces

the political boundaries of the former prussian kingdom were extensive and are substantially different from today. the prussian borders reached over extended periods far into what is today poland and russia.

the region of this prussian empire, including its capital berlin and surrounding area is a focus of our office's expertise and work. berlin has important archives with sources for family research which are of great importance to the formerly prussian regions.

we offer research in the following prussian provinces:

schlesien (ober- und niederschlesien)
sachsen (not to be mixed up with the kingdom carrying the same name)

many genealogical sources from the former kingdom of prussia were destroyed or moved in the war. an additional difficulty is that many places have changed names, some up to 4 times since 1900. certain settlements no longer exist at all. any research touching on this area therefore needs to clarify the identity of locations before addressing the sources which should provide information on family members or entire families. in a second step it is necessary to establish where these sources are located today. one of our core competences consists in analysing the sources for research and compiling its structure and in this way elucidating the preconditions for what needs to be accomplished. in certain cases, we have references to church books that cannot be found in any public archive.

we offer this type of clarification for a flat rate of 90 euro.

for this analysis we also have unique tools for this research region at our disposal: